Prefered Digital Procurement Suite

We do not just track purchase orders or payment. We help you digitise your entire procurement process, including staff and vendor activities.

Why choose us

Deprocure enforces standardization and repeatability of the procurement process especially in this era of high staff mobility. Minimise Human intervention. Go fully digital

Track Ageing Invoice

Our solution brings visibility to all due, overdue and partly paid invoices. This helps you to keep track easily


Access Online Realtime

The application can be accessed from the office, your branches or by members of staff working remotely.


Configurable Approval Limits

This facilitates seemless approval process based on the role or grade of the approving staff.


Active Directory Integration

Our solution is active directory integration ready. This simplifies the implementation of single sign on to Deprocure


Connect Third Party PO

Link Purchase Orders from Deprocure to Purchase orders generated in other third party applications like SAP.


Improved Document Management

Vendor documents, invoices, contracts and all associated procurement documents tracked in one place.



Vendor Pre-qualification/Onboarding

  • sign up new vendors
  • Review vendor submissions
  • Request additional information
  • Approve preferred vendors

Vendor Management

  • Vendors Performance Tracking
  • Vendor Document Management
  • Vendor Payment Tracking
  • Vendor Document Deferral

Tendering and Bidding

  • Create Sourcing/Buying request
  • Generate RFP/RFQ
  • Send RFP/RFQ to Preferred Vendor
  • Rate submissions digitally
  • AI aided Selection of prefered bidder

E - Requisition (Catalogued Requests)

  • Select item from the store
  • Indicate approvers based on set approval limit
  • Send approved order to vendor to supply
  • Generate and Send Purchase Order to vendor
  • Product shipping and invoice upload
  • Track Asset tag and payment

Procurement Committee Meeting

Create Meetings for procurement committee and reve.

  • Receive approval request online
  • Schedule meetings and send notification
  • Save time by reviewing meeting papers online before meeting day
  • Approve papers realtime
  • E-notification on meeting outcomes


Deprocure is an online (not offline) cloud-based procurement management system. It can be accessed from anywhere, on any internet enabled device.
Deprocure allows unlimited number of concurrent users
Sharing, importing or exporting data across varieties of app is seamless in Deprocure. APIs are built-in to facilitate information exchange with third party applications.

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